Weekend Warrior || Will & Petrel


It had been ages since Petrel had set foot in Johto- it had been even longer since he had visited his hometown of  Goldenrod. It was all very silly really, he had no reason to avoid the region. Sure he happened to be an international criminal- with a very high bounty on his head just like the other executives - but when the bulk of the world had never seen his real face he had little to worry about. Right?

It had been months since he had even run into any of his former grunts- something that bothered Petrel greatly. As quick as he was to distance himself from anything Rocket related after the collapse he was still very close to the people under his command. They were more than soldiers to him and in many cases he knew not only their full names but a bit of their actual lives. Getting assigned to Petrel’s leadership back in the day was both a blessing and a curse; he was one of the most understanding bosses in the corporation but if you needed something done urgently you’d be at a complete disadvantage. Petrel was notorious for really only caring about himself when it came down to the wire- his years living on the streets of Goldenrod had primed him for exactly that – and if what you needed wasn’t directly advantageous to him he’d be slow to act.

Petrel had a habit of sticking out when not in disguise. He was a walking chimney and with his penchant for trench coats and crop of styled mauve hair it was very very easy to remember seeing him even in passing. Petrel ironically had a very awful memory for faces. He’d remember everything else, names, birthdays, voices –especially voices- , scents, even the way a person held themselves as they walked..but very rarely could he recall a face. This was inherently problematic for the man who considered himself a master of disguise.This was why in a city filled with thousands of faces that he had surely passed hundreds of times each during his lifetime Petrel couldn’t find a single comrade among the bunch.

Sure it’d be easy to pick any bar or club and throw his money around until he gathered a decent group to entertain himself with but tonight in his home town he was yearning for something a little more.

It was as he walked in this reverie that a petite psychic serendipitously crashed into his backside.

Upon contact Petrel grew stiff as a board- body poised for a fight as years of training had readied him for. Feeling no other attempts made at him he turns his head over his shoulder—nothing?


A very distinct voice draws his attention downwards to find just the type of person he had been looking for- an ex colleague.

Petrel’s previous neutral expression is replaced by an easygoing smirk. “Well I’ll be dammed.” This was one man Petrel could never forget. He blows smoke out of one side of his mouth holding out a hand to the fallen elite. “Ain’t that just like you- a psychic that can’t avoid bumping into a big fella like me.” Petrel’s natural ribbing is flawless as if they had just seen each other recently. “How the hell have you been kid?” Kid, wasn’t that funny in a strange way? Petrel wasn’t much older than Will at all yet he still felt an urge to put him under his arm and guide him much like the old days.

A delicate smirk grew into a toothy smile as Will reached his hand towards that of his old mentor and, perhaps if one really felt inclined to use the term, friend. It never failed to fascinate Will how the man before him was able to transform himself into such a wide variety of characters - it was as though anyone Petrel met he could instantly take on the role of, and the Elite had to wonder if ol’ Petty had his own sort of magic of his own hidden up the sleeves of his trenchcoat. 

Using the other’s hand to hoist himself from the ground, Will’s positive energy began to grow exponentially. 

Petrel??” he asked in near disbelief. He’d been the last person Will had expected to see tonight, but the occurrence was a complete treat. In his days of being in Team Rocket, the boy had become incredibly intrigued by his fellow criminal due to both his laid-back attitude and his abilities of perfecting disguises. In a strange way, that ability was something that really drew Will to the other - in his young mind he could only see it from a view that meant Petrel knew how he felt and how it was to wear a mask in several different ways. Of course, now Will felt as though he’d been deluding himself those few years ago, as he could hardly imagine Petrel ever putting on an act for himself. Sure, he was a master of disguise, but apart from that the man had always let his actions do the talking when it came to how he felt. He never pretended to be something he wasn’t when it came to his true self, or at least…it didn’t seem that way to the psychic. 

But regardless, here was Petrel. The real Petrel. In the flesh, right before Will’s obscured eyes. The sound of the man’s voice was enough to fill him with glee, for his senior had been a bright light in such a dark time, and Will would have easily admitted that the mentoring of the other had contributed to his survival back in his Rocket days. 

“Ain’t that just like you- a psychic that can’t avoid bumping into a big fella like me.”

At the light-hearted insult, Will merely laughed. “Oh, Petty…you know I can’t see the future - how was I supposed to know you’d be right there, hulkin’ along like ya do? You’re supposed to look out for the little people, like me, y’know? And anyway, you totally distracted me from my catch…”

For a split second, Will wanted to be more emotional about all of this. After all, he was more excited than he’d been in a while. There were many people in his life he would have immediately shown physically affection for had he run into them after several years of being apart. Part of him would have loved to have given Petty a big ol’ hug, but that sort of action seemed…strange. But at the very least, he would love to tell the guy all about how he was an Elite now, and how Petrel had helped him out so much, and how he was still lusting after Karen even thought she still wasn’t interested. Will smiled at the ground and shuffled his feet for a moment, before glancing up quite a large number of inches at the other. 

"So, what’re ya doin’ down here anyway? I mean, I was just about to head to the Twisted Spoon, if y’wanted to join me. But then again….we don’t hafta go there of course. I’m pretty aware that it doesn’t provide the most…comfortable atmosphere to non-psychics.” 

Will let out a sigh and threw his arms up sideways, bringing them back down to smash against his legs as he tried to rid himself of extra energy.

"Petty, let’s just go somewhere, ok? I have so much to tell ya - I’m just…I’m so happy you’re here!”

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"Are you seriously typing this with one hand and takin’ selfies with the other? Oh, Lancey…"

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"Come out from hiding and maybe you’ll get lucky~. But….I wouldn’t really call it a ‘tendril’ it’s more like….mmm…let’s see…" 

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"…yep. That’s it."

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Weekend Warrior || OPEN

A wise man once said, “Sometimes you must put down one set of balls before picking up another.” No one really knows what man said that, or what it even means, but if you tried really, really hard you could probably apply it to the situation at hand. For on this particular, hazy Friday night a certain violet-headed young man sat on the side of his bed, locking up several Pokeballs into an old wooden box before he went away for the weekend. He smiled and gave the box a pat. Each of the balls he’d placed inside had been of the luxury variety, so as to keep the Pokemon within happy while their trainer was out in the world away from the Indigo Plateau. After zipping up his boots, the psychic was ready to venture off. He pulled his bag over his shoulder, placed the Pokeballs of his two xatu into his coat pocket, and ran out of his room, jumping onto the handrail of the stairs within the plateau mansion and sliding down. Without offering any words or explanations apart from “See ya!”, Will was out the door in moments, releasing one of his Pokemon, Sot, into the air and having him teleport the elite to his hometown.

The dark that had so settled upon the Plateau was soon replaced by lights so bright that the brilliant array of constellations above Johto could no longer be seen. The air was much denser, and everywhere around existed the hustle and bustle of the city on a Friday night.

Will shut his eyes for a moment to let his senses delight in what lay around him - the sounds of car horns and people yelling out to pedestrians, the smell of franks being grilled nearby, the salty taste of water thrashing against the coast. He smiled. His memories of growing up in Goldenrod always came rushing back whenever he visited the city. The majority of them weren’t heartwarming or even good, but still….there was a part of Goldenrod that was ingrained in him, and standing upon its streets always made him feel bittersweet.

After relishing in the moment for entirely too long, Will was brought back to earth by the crowd moving around him, and by blocking the paths of many individuals, he was thrown a variety of expletives. He casually sent out retorts to everyone who was exclaiming they “were walkin’ here!” or telling him to “go f- yourself!”, rolling his eyes in the process. Not that anyone could see that motion of irritation, but still. Engaging in it made him feel the slightest bit better. Taking a deep breath, the boy began moving again, onward and in the direction of Goldenrod’s ever-thriving nightlife district. It wasn’t long before the flashing neon displays and signs of liquor became present, and Will grew excited about the evening. Tonight, he wasn’t out for a planned meet-up with anyone, but rather, to have some fun and possibly get into trouble. And perhaps the  beginning of his trouble came when a pair of tipsy friends skipped past him, their short skirts fluttering up against the light breeze in the night. Raising an eyebrow, Will looked back without a care, letting a smirk grace his face before he felt himself collide with something hard. Falling backwards onto the ground, the psychic rubbed his head and frowned, looking to see what had caused him such pain and loss. He cocked his head at what he’d run into - another person, and sighed. 

“Oh geez, I’m sorry - I was just a bit distracted, y’see?”

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